Nanoco Group PLC

Proactive Investors Interview with Michael Edelman

Published on 17/10/2016

The chief executive of nanomaterials specialist Nanoco Group (LON:NANO), Michael Edelman, tells Proactive that all the major TV brands want the firm’s “attractive” nanomaterial technology. “We’re seeing all the major display brands, the TV brands, big OEMs, wanting this technology,” he says.
“We dramatically enhance colour, so your viewing experience is enhanced, whilst reducing power consumption.
“That’s all integrated into the TV is effectively a drop-in solution where [the TV manufacturers] don’t have to alter their production lines at all – so it’s very, very attractive for [them].” Edelman also explains a little bit about what nanomaterial and quantum dot technology actually entails.
“These [quantum dots] are tiny fluorescent semiconductors which when you put energy in, in the form of light or electricity, [they] shine back at you in very brilliant colours.” Although the display screen market is “starting to pull like crazy” in terms of demand, Edelman adds that the “market for these materials is very broad”, and lists cancer imaging as one of the potential uses.