Nanoco Group PLC

Future looks bright for materials scientists

Published on 18/11/2008

Nanoco features in an article in C&EN news about the prospects for material scientists.

Extract from C&EN News 17 November 2008

MATERIALS SCIENTISTS also have opportunities abroad. Nanoco Technologies, a company in Manchester, England, that manufactures quantum dots for various applications, is looking to fill five Ph.D. positions in various scientific disciplines, including materials science, polymer science, and nanoparticle chemistry. “There is a huge amount of innovation going on over here and a huge need for not only materials scientists but chemists of all persuasions,” says Michael Edelman, chief executive officer of Nanoco.

The company currently employs 30 scientists representing 10 different nationalities. Roughly 80% have a Ph.D. “We recruit aggressively from around the world, and we’re looking for the best people to come and work for us,” Edelman says.

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