Nanoco Group PLC

Quantum Dots at CES? That’s Us!

Published on 7/1/2015

Talk about starting the year with the bang. This week, quantum dots found their way into the mainstream narrative with a big development –the first quantum dot displays from LG debuted at the CES 2015. These beautiful, new, quantum dot screens are powered by Nanoco’s science and technology, more than a decade in the making.

The LG endorsement is a big one for our technology. We’re confident that our cadmium-free quantum dots are setting a new standard in the display industry due to the exceptional color reproduction and the environmental benefits they offer.  We remain the only company in the world to offer the cadmium-free version of the technology at scale. We have our exclusive licensing partner, The Dow Chemical Company, to thank for helping to accelerate their commercialization.

And our excitement doesn’t end with the display market. Last month, industry analysts predicted a very bright future for quantum dot technology and its many applications, with Nanomarkets naming 2014 the “breakout year for QDs,” as well as citing its expectation that the market for quantum dots will grow to $5.5 billion in revenues in 2020. You can read the press release summarizing those figures – and more –here.

The new innovations made possible through cadmium-free quantum dots means we’ll soon be saying good-bye to the old ways of doing things.  In the display, standard LCDs will soon be a thing of the past, gone the way of the cathode-ray tube or rear projection. In their place will be LCDs enhanced with cadmium-free quantum dots, which not only enable lifelike color and brightness but allow for such advancements without the risk of toxicity. In lighting, today’s already remarkable LED will soon be able to mimic the color performance of an incandescent light source. And, in medicine, short-lived bio-imaging dyes will give way to longer “fluorescing” via cadmium-free quantum dots, enabling – among other things – surgeons to better remove malignant cancer cells.

For Nanoco and its employees, the vision for our quantum dot technology is fast becoming reality.  We look forward with great confidence to the year ahead.