Nanoco Group PLC

New Report Shows Nanoco Poised to Take “Quantum Leap” Into Quantum Dot Industry Leadership

Published on 17/5/2017

Quantum dots (QDs) are playing an increasingly significant role in improving the color performance of LCD TV and computer displays. With advancements in the technology, much of which is driven by Nanoco innovation, LCD technology finally has the ability to rival OLED technology. What’s more, QD LCD technology offers superior energy efficiency than OLED and little disruption to the manufacturing supply chain, making it significantly more cost effective, to boot.

Industry data varies, but most experts predict QD television shipments to grow exponentially in the near term. Looking at the midpoint of data, experts predict QD TV shipments will grow from 5 million in 2017 to nearly 50 million in 2020, which equates to a market opportunity for QD materials of $550 million by 2020.

new report by Edison Investment Research, a premier global investment research and advisory company, shows Nanoco as being perfectly poised to lead this fast-growing QD display market. (Note: The report was commissioned by Nanoco but the findings are Edison’s own.)

As described in the Edison report, Nanoco has pioneered the development of cadmium-free quantum dots, which are projected to dominate QD TV volumes as more leading global display manufacturers look to deliver consumer- and environment-friendly, sustainable solutions that offer exceptional viewing without compromising on performance. The Edison report calls Nanoco the leading commercial supplier of CFQD — nanoscale particles that emit light when energized, with the color of the light emitted being determined by the size of the particle.

The report underscores Nanoco’s business strategy and commitment to manufacture cadmium-free quantum dot technology at scale in a rapidly growing market, including our growing number of strong and well-established licensing partnerships with industry leading manufacturers such as Dow Chemical, Merck KGaA of Germany and Wah Hong Industrial Corporation of Taiwan, to help further deliver on this promise.

As the market for quantum dot-based displays accelerates, Nanoco is delighted that Edison recognizes our company as a leader, emphasizing our strong competitive positioning in cadmium-free quantum dots for display to meet projected market volumes in wide color gamut TVs and computers in the coming years ahead.

This report, from a knowledgeable and prestigious investment research firm, affirms Nanoco’s market opportunity to deliver the most advanced, toxic-free material for next generation LCD displays, while also commending our business strategy for meeting future global market demands.

The coming months and years are sure to be exciting ones for Nanoco as we continue to capitalize on our opportunity to drive the CFQD market forward. We’ll be looking forward to sharing details of new partnerships, customers, and technology advancements in the future.