Nanoco Group PLC

Nanoco’s Global Licesning Partner, Dow, Announces World’s First Large-Scale Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots Manufacturing Facility

Published on 24/9/2014

Today, we’re pleased to announce that our global licensing partner, The Dow Chemical Company, will commence construction on the first, large-scale cadmium-free quantum dot manufacturing operation at the Company’s Cheonan, South Korea site. This new facility will produce commercial quantities of Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots, and will enable the manufacture of millions of quantum dot televisions and other display applications to meet growing consumer demand.

Under Dow’s brand name TREVISTA™, Nanoco’s technology will bring about “a whole new view on color” and set the standard for quantum dots globally.

Details on today’s announcement can be found here.

And we encourage you to discover more about TREVISTAhere.