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The Fascinating Future of Quantum Dots in China

Published on 29/11/2016

I recently had the pleasure to speak at the 2016 China International Display Conference, held in Shenzhen, China. The event brings together the global quantum dot (QD) field’s top experts and leading display customers to discuss the current state of quantum dot technology and the market, and its exciting prospects for the future.

NPD Display data shows the global market for QD materials between 2015 and 2020 will have an average annual compound growth rate of more than 50 percent. By 2020, the global quantum dot market will reach $2.5 billion, which is largely attributed to the expected surge of QD TVs.

The demand for QD TVs represents a huge opportunity, and Chinese producers are quickly positioning themselves to become a major force in the global production of display products. More than just being the pacesetter in production, though, China has set its ambitions on becoming a technological leader in the space and is fully investing to bring that goal to fruition.

QDs are an important consideration for improving color in displays. They have the unique ability to efficiently absorb and convert light into very specific reds and greens – offering more beautiful, vibrant and true-to-life performance than traditional display technologies. Chinese producers are currently working with QD film, but have already set their sights on the application of QDs on chip, color filters, and in electroluminescent displays.

Yet ultimately, the primary considerations in the Chinese market are price and performance, alongside a growing recognition that risks associated with cadmium-based quantum dots can be eliminated with CFQD® quantum dot technology. The market is very enthusiastic about the gains in color performance and energy efficiency Nanoco is making in its CFQD® quantum dot, without the significant human health hazards posed by cadmium.

Nanoco took a leadership role at the conference. Dr. Hao Pang, Nanoco’s Greater China Vice President, gave a powerful presentation to leading Chinese display manufacturers on our CFQD® quantum dots technology and its applications. I was honoured to join a prestigious panel of industry leaders discussing quantum dots as the most powerful entrant in next generation display technology.

Nanoco’s mission is simple, and we were excited to share it with the Chinese market: cadmium is a known toxin and carcinogen that is 10 times more toxic than mercury. We at Nanoco are focused on eliminating the risks associated with cadmium for our customers by presenting a CFQD® solution that is safe and sacrifices nothing in performance, all at a competitive cost.

Author: Keith Wiggins – Chief Operating Officer, Nanoco