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Nanoco’s Recap of Touch Taiwan 2017

Published on 29/9/2017

David Yao, Senior VP of Global Sales at Nanoco Technologies, recently presented at the Display Innovation Conference as part of Touch Taiwan 2017. Yao’s session, TV Technology: Next Steps in Quantum Dots, covered the increasingly important role cadmium-free quantum dots are playing in the display industry, as more leading global manufacturers embrace the high-quality, customizability, and safety of CFQDs®. Some of these manufacturers incorporated Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dot Fine Color Film into state-of-the-art 4K UHD products demonstrations at the event to showcase to attendees the astonishing power of CFQD® technology.

Yao shared his insights with conference attendees on picture quality and the pressure brands are facing to differentiate themselves in the market. The demand for Wide Color Gamut (WCG) displays is growing dramatically as the brilliant color quantum dots enable becomes the industry standard. OLED and QD technology have huge potential to dominate the WCG sector due to their ability to command a price premium.

Yao’s presentation also highlighted CFQD® tuneable wavelengths, which can be customized to each brand’s requirements. Since many brands have their own color filter, the light’s wavelength has to be adjusted to “fit in,” making tuneable wavelengths the perfect answer to an ongoing brand problem.

A major point of discussion surrounding CFQDs® is their functional ability to maintain amazing color accuracy across devices; this means the color seen on televisions will be uniform across other devices such as monitors, tablets and phones.

CFQDs® were also praised for their impressively fast response times, complementing high frame rate monitors used for gaming. This is in comparison to competing for phosphor technology that has a slow decay time that leads to problems at high frame rates, including unwanted “glow” after the LEDs switch off.

Touch Taiwan was the perfect showcase for the advancements quantum dot technology has made in the last year. As the leader in heavy-metal-free CFQD® products, Nanoco had the privilege of highlighting the value of this innovative technology is in the world of displays. The Nanoco team will continue to provide manufacturers with heavy-metal-free, sustainable quantum dot technology, thus giving these global leaders a competitive edge to keep consumers satisfied and safe.