Nanoco Group PLC

Nanoco’s Recap of SID Display Week 2017

Published on 6/7/2017

Nanoco’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing display technology landscape brought us again to SID Display Week 2017 Business Conference. It arms its attendees with the information to adapt to rising trends in the global marketplace.

Over the last year, the industry has seen advancements in lighting techniques, physical monitor design and the safety and sustainability of materials used in display technology. SID provided an opportunity for Nanoco to share key learnings with other members of the display community, as well as offer updates about our cadmium-free quantum dot technology, Nanoco’s exciting contribution to the innovative display movement.

Conversation on the show floor was heavily focused on the thinness of new displays from both OLED and LCD exhibits. Both technologies have the potential to put out even thinner designs; a trait consumers are definitely looking for. The industry as a whole is curious to see whether OLED or LCD will prove to be more agile, meeting consumer demand for a slim, modern display.

Augmented and virtual reality also proved to be a hot topic at SID, inspiring bold experimentation around the delivery of technology in AR/VR spaces. Conversation buzzed around display points of view: the rising expectation for high-quality nearsighted displays now calls for resolutions exceeding 1,000 pixels per inch, high bit depth and quick frame rate. Turning to the systems side, this technology needs to be cable-free. Tech trends continue to push towards smaller, lighter models. Battery-powered hardware systems are officially in demand.

The future of monitors was unveiled in style at SID, with industry leaders including AUO, Samsung and LG exhibiting a variety of modern monitor setups. One setup featured three large, 27” curved monitors that surround users for a full immersion effect. Productivity layouts included four stacked 34” monitors in a 2×2 array, reminiscent of the Bloomberg terminal model.

Gamers can also look forward to a transformation of monitors as AUO demonstrated monitors with true 200 Hz and 240 Hz update rates for artefact free motion. Allowing users to have this kind of natural sensory experience contributed to further discussion about visual techniques. New lighting technology can create more brilliant luminosity with high-dynamic-range imaging and expanding device color gamut. Nanoco is always excited to be a part of these conversations about enhancing brightness and colors for viewers.

SID Display Week 2017 is the kind of event that inspires Nanoco to continue having an active impact on new capabilities of display technologies. SID is proof that there is no limit to the potential innovative technology like cadmium-free quantum dots can have on the industry. While monitor setups and methods of viewing continue to change, Nanoco can contribute a heavy metal-free, brilliant visual experience across all of these devices, advancing 2017 displays even further.