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Nanoco speaks at Samsung’s QLED HDR 10 Summit in Los Angeles

Published on 3/7/2017

Samsung Electronics and Insight Media recently hosted a QLED & HDR10 Summit in Los Angeles, California, to share company and industry updates related to quantum dot and QLED displays. More than 100 industry experts, influencers and movie studio representatives attended the Summit, which focused on the benefits of QLED displays and the latest advancements in HDR10/HDR10+ for wide color gamut (WCG) displays. Samsung also shared plans for bringing WCG and HRD to the big screen, given the exceptionally vibrant colors these technologies can deliver.

Nanoco was delighted to be invited to present during the event, and pleased to be referenced in Samsung’s event press release as the “world-renowned quantum dot material company.” Our own notable expert, Dr James Harris, Nanoco’s Section Head of LED & CFQD®, represented the company and addressed next generation TVs. Dr Harris’ presentation, “Quantum dot color filters for photoemissive displays,” took attendees through the ongoing evolution of quantum dot technology and advancements Nanoco is driving in display technology — from display’s current use of film technology to QD color filters and, further out, to electroluminescent quantum dot displays. Dr. Harris also highlighted that quantum dots are a true platform technology, able to extend use beyond display into diverse applications such as bio-medicine, lighting and horticulture.

Always an innovator and a true believer in quantum dots’ power to deliver significant color, efficiency, viewing angle and contrast performance improvements, Samsung is working to do with quantum dots what they did with LED TV – lead the market’s ongoing and aggressive move into quantum dot-enabled display. This shift will require significant capacity increases in quantum dot manufacturing (which Nanoco is well positioned to support thanks to our own manufacturing capabilities, as well as that of our partners), along with large-scale market adoption.

Nanoco was honoured to be included by Samsung in this prestigious event, which is further recognition of our leadership in cadmium-free quantum dot technology as it continues to be rapidly embraced by global manufacturing leaders.