Nanoco Group PLC

Nanoco Solar: An approach to printable, flexible and low cost solar cells

Published on 30/5/2017

Making lightweight, flexible and cheap solar cells as a source of renewable energy is of huge interest to researchers, corporations and governments. The Solar team at Nanoco is exploring the printing of the CIGS absorber layer using nanoparticle-based inks as an approach to fulfil such requirements. This exciting innovation in solar is also the subject of my recent paper, “A solution-based nanoparticle approach to CIGS PV technology.” This paper was published in The Institution of Engineering and Technology Digital Library earlier this year, and includes a detailed look at how we hope to drive down the cost of thin film solar cells with nanotechnology. In brief, through the application of low energy printing techniques and increased material utilization through directed deposition, implementing our nanoparticle CIGS ink could reduce costs significantly. Yet this exciting development has only barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of this technology.

For a closer look, see the full paper below in the Institution of Engineering and Technology Digital Library, linked to here: Solution-based nanoparticle approach to CIGS PV technology.