Nanoco Group PLC

Kicking Off 2016 with a Prism Awards Win!

Published on 14/3/2016

Here at Nanoco, 2016 has started with a bang, between our recent nomination as an Edison Awards finalist and, more recently, our 2016 Prism Award win. We’re excited to continue the momentum with the promise of more innovative solutions and milestones to showcase in the year ahead.

Last week’s Prism Award (the “Photonics Oscars”!) win was of particular significance for us, as it truly legitimised the quality, not to mention safety, of Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots. Receiving this validation and honour from the prestigious Prism Awards made for an exciting night. Adding to the excitement was being called up on stage from the far back of the ballroom—traditionally held as a bad omen at the actual Oscars. With that added bit of drama, we were even more thrilled to hear “Nanoco Technologies” announced as the winner for the Materials and Coatings category.

Unlike most available quantum dot technology today, Nanoco’s quantum dots are free of toxic heavy metals and known carcinogens, such as cadmium. As global legislation further restricts the use of heavy metals in consumer products, cadmium-free quantum dots are uniquely positioned as a future-proof technology for a number of promising application areas including a new generation of wide color gamut TVs and improved lighting solutions.

Our CEO, Michael Edelman added, “It’s gratifying to see Nanoco’s cadmium-free CFQD® quantum dot technology recognised alongside innovations from other leading companies around the world. This prestigious award validates Nanoco’s breakthrough in non-toxic, cadmium-free quantum dots as an enabling technology transforming a broad range of applications including display, lighting, biomedicine and solar. As we continue to push the envelope both through innovative technologies and a visionary business strategy, Nanoco is extremely enthusiastic about the new applications we’ll be bringing to market in the months and years ahead.”

And there is plenty of innovation still ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and extend the possibilities for Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots. Here are just a few places Nanoco will be over the next few months: