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Consumers Say No to Cadmium

Published on 10/2/2017

With infinite knowledge just a search term away, product research has become a part of everyday life. When it comes to what we bring into our homes, we all like to be informed and certain we’re making the best decisions for our families and ourselves. So what you don’t know about your television might surprise you.

We recently surveyed adult consumers in the United States, Britain and Germany about their knowledge of Cadmium, a highly toxic material, and its presence in household electronics (i.e., your television). We found up to 78% of consumers in all three countries were unaware this dangerous material is used in consumer electronics.

And when it comes to knowledge of proposed restrictions on Cadmium in consumer electronics, consumers were unaware that some governments continue to sanction the use of Cadmium when suitable alternatives already exist and dominate the display market. But when educated about Cadmium and its dangers, three-quarters of consumers surveyed in each country said they would be willing to purchase safer electronics based on the fact they did not contain Cadmium.

This survey spotlights the need for better education and continued tightening of regulations around Cadmium. Government has a duty to ensure citizens are aware of the potential hazards of materials like Cadmium, including the e-waste effects and serious potential health hazards.

You can learn more about cadmium awareness in the infographic below and see the full survey results here: Consumers Unaware of Dangers of Cadmium in Their Living Rooms