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CES 2017 Recap: Quantum Dots Have the Industry Buzzing as Major Manufacturers Showcase Wide Color Gamut Displays; QLED Displays Emerge as New High-End Category

Published on 12/1/2017

Quantum dots were the buzz of the recent CES 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Major manufacturers including Samsung, TPV Philips, TCL and Hisense all showcased display products featuring quantum dots, which deliver a brilliant viewing experience for consumers. Samsung also furthered its commitment to quantum dot technology by dropping its SUHD brand and adopting the QLED brand, a new standard for high-end TVs and monitors, as a reflection of the company’s total commitment to cadmium-free quantum dots.

Nanoco was proud to display developmental prototype wide color gamut televisions in our suite from leading global display manufacturers TPV Philips, TCL and Hisense. These prototype televisions incorporated Nanoco’s innovative cadmium-free CFQD® Quantum Dot film, manufactured by our partner Wah Hong Industrial of Taiwan. These manufacturers are responding to overwhelming global market demand for quantum dot-enabled displays that are free of cadmium and offer a progressive, sustainable product that delivers a brilliant viewing experience.

Nanoco’s CFQD® fine color films are a new technology that enables liquid crystal displays (LCD) to deliver a technically superior image with a much higher range of colors than is currently possible from other commercially available LCD technologies. This enables LCD screens to have the capability to rival and outperform next-generation OLED products.

CES was a huge success for Nanoco. Over the course of the four-day event, Nanoco’s suite was busy with customers, media and members of the investment community.

We were extremely pleased by the tremendous interest and excitement major manufacturers showed in Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots during the conference. Our CFQD quantum dots give consumers peace of mind to enjoy next-generation color performance and energy efficiency in display in a sustainable fashion, which is a key consideration for leading manufacturers like TPV Philips, TCL and Hisense. CFQD® quantum dots televisions from these and other top manufacturers will enable them to extend their range of leading display products to the global market as the industry continues to demand more sustainable solutions that don’t compromise on performance. Samsung’s QLED technology is a further strong validation of the shift towards cadmium-free products and a very encouraging indicator for Nanoco’s future.