Nanoco Group PLC

CES 2015: Quantum Dots Make a Colorful Debut

Published on 10/2/2015

In the weeks following CES, it’s become clear that quantum dots have arrived. Last month, WIRED Magazine developed a quantum dot primer for its readers which highlights the work of our team at Nanoco.  Just last week, CNET posted a fun video on how quantum dots work. On any given day these stories are an exciting development. But on the heels of CES, where one of the world’s largest display manufacturers debuted products driven by Nanoco technology, it’s validation of the years of hard work our team has dedicated to great science.  Consumers everywhere are curious about the innovation taking place in our labs and the products that will usher in a whole new viewing experience.

It’s gratifying to see our collective effort on display at CES. Quantum Dots were one of the big highlights from the show with attendees and members of the press buzzing about their capabilities. There were references to the LG quantum dots displays as “dreamy” and offering “killer 4K color.” Those rave reviews affirm the strategic decision we made a decade ago to manufacture quantum dots without cadmium – to give display manufacturers a clear and sound path to innovate without the business and environmental risks posed by cadmium.

This is the year. The year we move out of the lab from patents to products. The year quantum dots get very big in the world of small. The year the commercial and competitive advantages of our technology become clear – visible on screens the world over.