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A Bright Future for Nanoco’s Lighting Business

Published on 15/9/2015

We’re happy to update everyone on the progress being made by Nanoco’s newly established lighting business. As we saw by the enormous excitement and numerous announcements that came out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show last January, quantum dots were one of the “technology darlings” of the event thanks to their ability to vividly enhance displays. Because of their remarkable luminescence quality and ability to convert and re-emit light, Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD® quantum dots) similarly have the potential to be a game changer in the field of lighting. After all, the technology is very similar. Using the blue light emitted by LEDs, our CFQD® quantum dots are easily fine-tuned to the desired color by simply adjusting their size – a form of “lighting Play-Doh®,” if you will — providing lighting manufacturers with an efficient and cost-effective way to tailor their lighting solutions.

There are many lighting application areas in which CFQD® quantum dots can be applied. In fact, every time I speak with someone about applying quantum dot technology to lighting, new opportunities arise. Nanoco supports our customers that are looking for high-performance, efficient light to fulfil specific requirements. For example, our CFQD® quantum dot films can be used in agriculture to promote the growth of plants and in general lighting applications to provide glare free, efficient light. Our 6500K cool white light, in particular, offers previously unseen high colour quality that is beneficial in workplaces such as schools, offices, laboratories or hospitals.

Nanoco is already partnering with lighting leader Marl International, and we are ready to work with customers across the entire value chain, from supply distributors with ready-to-use light fittings to lighting manufacturers that can easily integrate our CFQD® quantum dot film into their products. We enable our customers to enhance their current product offerings, increase their product lines, solve specific problems or develop entirely new light fittings. The flexibility of our CFQD® quantum dot technology and films enables customers to develop OLED-type lights but without the high price tag.

We’d love the opportunity to work with you; simply reach out to us at to learn more.

Author: Torsten Schanze – General Manager, Lighting