Nanoco’s nanomaterials have the potential to produce highly efficient, low cost and lightweight solar cells

Using Nanoco’s expertise in the synthesis of nanoparticles, a variety of novel materials have been developed that can absorb a wide spectrum of the sun’s energy.

These nanomaterials are being developed and used as printable inks, ideal for roll-to-roll manufacturing and low cost production of solar cells.

In the future, this technology will enable highly efficient, low cost and lightweight solar cells that could transform the economics of solar power.

Moreover, as with all other materials developed by Nanoco, these solar inks are free from toxic cadmium and heavy-metals.

Subsidies & sunshine

Solar energy is a challenging market to break into, given that the price point of entry is ever-changing on account of government subsidies and tariffs. Despite the resulting volatility and uncertain future in solar investments, the world’s demand for sustainable energy never falters, and solar technology remains the most viable option.

Costs, ultimately, are the key considerations for renewable energy and so the ability to combine a highly efficient photovoltaic cell with low cost printing techniques is a holy grail for the solar industry.
Nanoco has steadily been achieving increases in the efficiency of its solar ink based systems which have already been demonstrated to be printable by low cost printing methods.