Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots offer enhanced colour, energy efficiency, and seamless integration into existing production processes

LCD displays have become the interface of choice between people and their devices, from smartphones to large screen televisions. Continuous improvement in the quality of these displays, therefore, is a key demand for companies that market such products.

Nanoco’s quantum dot technology is particularly attractive not only for its ability to enhance the colours of LCD screens – allowing it to rival next generation OLED products – but also enabling the manufacturer to use their existing infrastructure to do so.

Richer reds, brighter greens

There are good reasons why LEDs have largely replaced fluorescent light tubes for backlighting in displays. They are both brighter and more efficient at converting energy into light. Unfortunately, the current backlighting technology using conventional white LEDs does not provide adequate emission of the red and green portions of the light spectrum. This limits the colours that can be achieved with conventional LED backlighting.

Nanoco’s quantum dots, incorporated into a film located in between the LED light source and the LCD panel, are ‘excited’ by light emitted from blue LEDs, transforming some of it into very pure green and red light. Due to this, the LCD panel receives a richer white light and expands the range of colour that the display can reproduce. To the viewer, the difference is significant: reds are deeper, greens are brighter, the entire colour palate is rendered with unprecedented vividness, bringing the imaged world vibrantly to life.

The chemical processing enables production of quantum dots at precisely defined sizes. Because the size dictates the colour they emit, quantum dots can be finely tuned to meet specifications for optimal display performance. Nanoco’s unique scalable production processes enable the manufacture of heavy-metal free quantum dots in large volumes. As legislation restricting the use of heavy-metals gets ever tighter, CFQD® quantum dots are uniquely positioned as the future-proof quantum dot display technology on the market.