Reasons to invest

Markets & partnerships

  • Our materials are developed to ultimately find their way into those of other business’s products and fast growing markets - mobile telephony, computing and television; lighting; and solar energy
  • We already supply and/or have partnerships with major OEMs in our target markets
  • Our licensing deal with Dow allows display application customers access to a secure supply line of world leading CFQD® quantum dots manufactured by one of the world’s largest and most respected chemical companies

People & patents

  • We believe we are the only company with the ability to produce high quality, cadmium-free quantum dots in commercial quantities
  • We have 300 patents protecting the material, scale up process and its applications

Risks & uncertainties

  • Technical milestones: customers’ requirements are challenging and may take more time and resource to be achieved and may not be achieved at all
  • Costs: manufacturing costs could be higher than anticipated
  • Timing: it may take longer for Nanoco’s technology to be adopted
  • Intellectual property: Nanoco’s IP could be challenged or Nanoco may infringe others’ IP
  • Pricing: The Company or Dow may not be able to charge as much for its materials as forecasted
  • Other technologies: existing technologies that Nanoco is replacing may improve, new technologies may enter the market
  • Customers: Nanoco and Dow rely on their customers to launch products containing its nanomaterials. Large corporates with whom Nanoco deals may change strategic direction which could adversely affect Nanoco
  • Contracts: Contracts are generally milestone based. If milestones are not achieved contracts can in certain circumstances be altered or terminated